Pay with QR Code! ICBK QR Code User Guide

  • Scope of Use:
  • ICBK QR Code Payments can be used at Canadian and international merchants who support UnionPay App and UnionPay QR Code Payment . ICBK QR Code User can enjoy the privilege benefit of UnionPay App.(The final interpretation to UnionPay App benefit belongs to UnionPay.)

  • How to use QR Code Payment:
  • There are two payment measures for QR Code user:
            1.Scan merchant’s QR Code:Use your smart phone to scan merchant’s QR code. It is default to send you the SMS One time password (OTP), or you can set your own Payment Password. It is highly recommended to set Payment Password before you go abroad because you maybe not able to receive SMS OTP abroad. Please refer to “Reminder” section for details.
            2.Merchants Scan Your QR Code Generated on Your Mobile Banking: When transaction amount is larger than the verification-free limit, it is default to send you the SMS One time password (OTP), or requires you to input your Payment Password if you have already set it.

  • How to download Mobile Banking with QR Code function:
  •         Step 1:Download ICBK Mobile Banking App by following the instruction on our website at
            Step 2:Login to your Mobile Banking, and choose any of the bank cards (Credit Card or Debit Card) to link to QR Code Payment function.
            ** ICBK QR Code can ONLY support the Credit Card or Debit Card which is already registered on Online Banking.
            Step 3:Click “UnionPay QR Code” on the Mobile Banking home page to start QR Code Payment.
            Step 4:Choose the linked payment card and click “Scan” to scan merchant’s QR Code, or let the merchants scan your QR Code on the Mobile Banking.

  • Reminder:
  •         1、How to set you own Payment Password: Click “Me” on the home page -> Choose “Services and settings” -> Choose “Payment authentication management” -> Choose to enable Payment Password -> Set 6 digits Payment Password -> Input dynamic password generated from Password Token or Password Card -> DONE
            2、How to disable or change Payment Password: Choose “Payment Password” under “Payment authentication management” to disable or change it.
            3、Forget Payment Password:Choose “Payment Password” under “Payment authentication management” to disable it first and then reset a new Payment Password.
            4、Disable QR Code:Click “UnionPay QR Code” on home page Choose any card to disable QR Code function from “UnionPay Card Management

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