Remittance Services

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ("the Bank") offers fast, safe, low-cost comprehensive remittance service through our advanced IT system and extensive service network across the world.

Outward Remittance
Personal RMB Pre-Settlement Remittance

Sender remits CAD or USD and beneficiary receives RMB at a pre-fixed exchange rate.

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RMB Cross-border Remittance

RMB direct remittance between Canada and China (available at designated branches of the Bank Group)

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Electronic Fund Trasnfer(EFT)

Direct fund transfer from your account to any financial institution in Canada.

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In-House Remittance

Remittance within Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (the Bank Group).

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Gobal Remittance

Global remittance services in multi-currency.

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Inward Remittance

Useful tips for inward remittance and service charges.

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