Managing Cash Flow and Information


-     Link External Account with E-banking

To provide our client the best possible online banking experience and always up to date with all financial records. ICBK offers the client to link external accounts to our online banking system. After you have successfully linked your accounts, you can transfer funds between accounts and to assist you better to coordinate all accounts.

You could:

- Manage your cash electronically in one spot

- Lower cost comparing with traditional money transfer method

- Maximize utilization of your cash resource as you wish

- Avoid risks are caused by counterfeit notes or cheques

By following the 4 steps below, you will be successfully linked to your external accounts

① Apply the service under “Other Bank Account Management”

② Your other bank’s account will receive a random small amount deposited by ICBK after the application submitted successfully

③ Please confirm the amount with ICBK by using our online banking

④ Mail us the agreement and the void cheque or direct deposit form to our designated address to complete the application

-     Account Reconciliation

With the account reconciliation services we provide, you could easily manage your bank accounts efficiently.

You could:

- Get the comprehensive bank statement with our online banking

- Get your prefer format of the bank statements as you wish

- Print or save the bank statement as PDF

Save time and money

- Effectively reduce bookkeeping costs

- Reduce reconciliation time when you receive your statement