Financing Consulting / M&A Consulting

Restructuring and Merger & Acquisition

Taking advantage of a wide domestic business network and legal personal consumers throughout the country, our bank group provides rich information resources for corporate customers. Depending on Restructuring and M&A business information system supported by powerful database, our Bank provides wide-ranged and high-efficiency consultancy services in customer selection.

Our Bank has established strategic cooperation with some international famous investment banks and investment funds at home and abroad aiming at boosting trans-territorial M&A as well as helping domestic enterprises introduce international strategic investors, transfer equities or assets, and carry out overseas investment with the form of M&A.

Corporate Information Service

In conformity with the relevant national laws and policies, our Bank accepts corporate or personal entrust to furnish such paid agent service as credit certificate, credit investigation, credit grading and information consultation. Our information service has a vast coverage, which can meet clients' demands in investment and financing, tendering and bidding, credit approval for business target, management of receivables, debt chase, corporate publicity and use of different financial products. It provides reliable information support for clients to make scientific decisions and control credit risks.

Corporate Listing Consultancy

Our Bank group collaborates with its overseas branches and overseas investment bank to provide advisory service for corporations to be listed in overseas market.

•  To devise for corporations to be listed solutions in ownership change, assets restructure, private equity and public listing, and assist in their implementation.

•  Recommend and appoint listing sponsor, underwriter, accountant firm, law firm and other agencies.

•  Provide comprehensive consultant service, mediate agencies and assist in composing the listing documents. 

Other Services

Include: Asset Management

Credit assets transfer

Structured financing consultancy