CAD Premium Term Deposit


CAD Premium Term Deposit are offered at a guaranteed interest rate, which puts customers' mind at ease by eliminating the need to monitor interest rate fluctuations.

For new premium term deposit, document requirement is the same as opening a new banking account. Customers need to provide two valid identification documents.

CAD Premium Term Deposit

- Terms range from 7 days to maximum 5 years.

- Interest is calculated daily on a 365-day basis.

- Special rate of higher return is available for deposits over CAD$100,000.

Please contact our branches or refer to our "Rates and Fees"; for more details.

Non-Redeemable CAD Premium Term Deposit Rates

- Minimum deposit is CAD $1,000.

- Terms include 7-days, 1-Month, 2-Months, 3-Months, 6-Months, 1-Year, 2-Years, 3-Years, 4-Years and 5-Years.

- Interest is paid at maturity.

- No early redemption before maturity is allowed.

Redeemable CAD Premium Term Deposit

- Minimum deposit is CAD $5,000.

- Term 5-Years.

Redeemable CAD Premium Term Deposit Redemption prior to maturity Partial Redemption
5-year Step-Tier Term Deposit Redemption within every anniversary date plus 15 business days (i.e. the grace period) is allowed - Minimum redeemable amount is CAD $1,000.
- CAD $5,000 minimum balance is required.

Relevant Documents

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Please contact our branches or refer to our "Rates and Fees"; for more details.

All terms and conditions of Premium Term Deposit (CAD and USD) stated above are subject to change without prior notice.