Managing Receivables


-     EFT-Pre-authorized Debit

EFT Pre-authorized Debit Fund Collection service offers corporate clients to initiatively and recurringly collect the fund from their clients. Corporate sign an agreement with the Bank and provide the Pre-authorized Debit Agreement with their clients to the Bank and the Bank initialize electronic instructions to transfer funds from the payer’s accounts to the corporate accounts (payee) in the Bank.

-     National Direct Deposit Service (NDDS)

Our bank now offers a way to deposit funds quicker from anywhere in Canada through the Royal Bank of Canada ("RBC"), which will allow clients to make a deposit at any RBC branch in Canada, giving them faster access to funds to place trades. To take advantage of this service, please contact us and provide us with the address of the RBC branch of your choice. Once we have received the required information we will make the necessary arrangements to set-up your account and order the appropriate materials, such as deposit slips and stamp.

-     Corporate Creditor Bill Payment Service

Our Corporate Creditor Bill Payment Service allows corporate businesses to be enrolled as CPA registered billers. Once enrolled, the business name appears on the list of acceptable payees in other Canadian Financial Institutions. Corporate clients are then able to collect payments from their debtors. This service is currently offered by all of the larger Financial Institutions (FIs) and that most Corporate Creditors typically enroll with all or most of the FIs.