RMB Cross-border B2C Payment



RMB cross-border B2C Payment is a service of online payment settlement provided by ICBK for personal clients who registered online banking to facilitate their purchase process on e-commerce platforms in Chinese Mainland. Through the service, you can conveniently transact payment in RMB or CAD for orders generated by e-commerce platforms.

ICBK officially enabled cross-border B2C payment options of the Bank's dual currency debit card and credit card for China Southern Airlines 、China Eastern Airlines 、Hainan Airlines 、Shandong Airlines 、and Xiamen Airlines Ltd. And now customers have opportunities to experience a new option for their online payment. In future, ICBK will continue interacting with its parent company and open RMB cross-border online payments to the Group's own e-commerce brand as well.


- Priority selection of purchasing with RMB from account to avoid fluctuations in the rate of exchange.

- Purchase with CAD when RMB is not sufficient in account with most favorable and real time exchange rate.


Firstly, please select online banking as your payment method

And enter your Debit/Credit card number and also the verification information displayed on webpage.

Click next, the webpage will show the information you reserved when you registered online banking.

Enter the online banking log on password and dynamic password on the payment webpage.


Available merchants until end of September 2014:

Merchant Website


Unfortunately, a Chinese cell phone number is usually required by a portion of Chinese e-commerce platforms to receive verification message, due to system and phone service provider compatibility.