ICBK Messenger
 ICBK Messenger is your own account manager who is always on call to give you a heads up when your account balance is changed, or offers a friendly reminder when your account is overdrawn.

ICBK Messenger email alerts will let you know when important activity occurs on your accounts.

You will be notified when:
  • Your account balance is changed.
  • Your statement is generated.
  • Your account is overdrawn.
        You can choose the notification you want, and have them delivered to your email account *.
   *We will offer text alerts and more email alerts services in the near future.
The benefits of using this service
  • Save money and time. By setting up notifications on your account, you’ve got the latest balance information, which reduces the likelihood you’ll overdraw your account.
  • Enjoy rest of mind. Automatic security alerts will be sent to you when balance change is made to your accounts. These notifications will help you quickly identify any unauthorized or irregular activities on your account, and protect your account from identity theft.
If you cannot receive ICBK Messenger by email even you have signed up the service, please,
  • Make sure your Email address is valid.
  • Add to your security list to keep Messenger out of your Junk Mail.
You can visit one of our branches to sign up the service.
ICBK Messenger Terms and Conditions