Syndication Loan

Banking syndicate loan is the loan or other authorizations provided by a syndicated group constituted by multiple qualified banks or other financial institutions towards the same borrower based on the same loan condition and agreement.

As the most influential commercial bank in China with strong underwriting and loan capability, our Bank group is good at organizing large-scale projects with complicated structure and technology, leading the way in this field. 

Project financing

The project itself is viewed as a collateral source. The repayment will come from the future earnings from the project.

Commercial Loans

Asset-based financing

Asset -based financing allows companies to utilize their assets as collaterals to meet its financing needs. It enables companies to use assets to complement liquidity requirements.

Bridge financing

Bridge financing is a short-term loan for the purpose of maintaining liquidity while waiting for an anticipated cash inflow.

Property development and investment-related lending

Should your company request financing for property development such as acquisition, development, and renovation of properties, our Bank have a team of experts ready to accommodate your need at all times.

Construction loans

Our Bank provides financing for the completion of constructions.

Shop, office, industrial and investment property mortgage loans

At Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ( Canada ), we provide financing base on a variety of properties.

Term loans for short to long term funding requirements

To complement your funding requirements, our Bank offer term loans (from short-term to long-term) with flexibility at your convenience.

Car loans

Our Bank offer competitive rates on Car Loans.

Overdraft facilities

Overdraft facility is best suited for companies that need improvement on their cashflow. Clients will be allowed to draw on funds in excess of their account balance. Accrued interest will be calculated based on the daily debit balance.

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