Managing Payables


-     EFT-Direct Deposit

An easy and cost-effective way to pay groups of employees, suppliers or investors anywhere in Canada. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Direct Deposit is an electronic payment service that provides your business with a fast and simple way to issue Canadian and U.S. dollar payments to accounts at any financial institution in Canada.

Save time and money

1, Avoid the cost of buying and preparing cheques and envelopes

2, Eliminate potential delays caused by sending payments through regular mail

Offer convenience to your employees and suppliers

1, Provide a safe and private payment method

2, Send money on time, every time, to your employees and suppliers

3, Eliminate the inconvenience of your employees or suppliers having to prepare and process deposits

You can use online banking service or visit one of our branches to set up direct deposit to pay off bills or transfer funds to other banks’ accounts.  (Information required from the receiving bank: Account holder name, Account Number, Branch code.)


-     Tax and Bill Payments

Corporate client can make tax and utility bill payments through any branch representative or our online banking service. There are no fees for using the online banking service to pay tax and bills. You will be able to access your account and to make tax and bill payments 24/7 online. 

Advantages of paying bills online:

- Easily verify, track and manage your bill payments and view the details of every transaction

- Reduce the costs and time associated with manual payment processing and reduces the likelihood of lost or stolen cheques

- Easy and convenient schedule payment functions, thereby reducing the risk of late payments and associated charges


-     Wire Payments

Wire Payment Service provides the business a convenient way to manage payments in all types of currency to recipient over the world. As globalization becomes inevitable to all industries, companies begin to recognize the importance of making payments on time and to establish a good worldwide corporate relationship. Being an corporation operates across continents, we will ensure your beneficiaries receive the fund as soon as possible.Online Service Simply login to our online banking service, you can initiate global wire payments at any time, any where to meet your needs.


-     Cheque Imaging

ICheque Imaging Service offers you the most convenient and effective way to manage paid cheques. It is an easy way to monitor account activity or to spot fraudulent activities and suspects. If the account consist dual currency, client will be able to identify and keep track on both accounts. Corporate clients can access their cheque imaging online through our online banking service. Customer has the option to print the image for record keeping purposes.

Service Features:

1, Provides online Cheque Imaging access

2, The option to print & save cheque image


-     Payroll Service

Distribute your payroll payment through ICBK Online banking.

Option 1

Work out the final payments by your own. Pay your staff with ICBK online banking fast, secure and convenient.

Option 2

Choose our accounting firm partners to help you calculate all payroll final payments and provide you all taxation, pay slip documents. Pay your staff with ICBK online banking.


Choose either one of the options. You will get the following advantages right now:


By downloading ICBK Payroll Service Toolkit, you will be assisted when entering employee’s information.

No need for re-entry, just simply save the files after you have completed all information entry.


Upload the command files to our online banking system, and distribute funds online.

The shortest collection period for local employees can be the same day


Payroll service only available Online, more promotions will be provided