Personal foreign exchange

· Personal foreign exchange

ICBK provides CAD, USD, and RMB exchange services.

· Efficient Services

24*7 real time Forex service, online banking, mobile banking, and telephone banking assist you in grasping market opportunity and mitigate risks.

· Competitive Price

Multi-level discount rates provide customer with the most preferable price.

- Automatically adjust exchange rate based on the transaction amount

- Entitle to even better exchange rate by using online banking

- VIP customers are able to enjoy addition privilege based on customized agreement

· CNH Forex

ICBK is the first Canadian bank that provides 7*24 CNH real time pricing and foreign exchange services. Taking the advantage of our cutting-edge banking system, ICBK is capable of providing you with the most convenience, efficient, and profitable CNH services.

· Cash conversion
· Foreign Exchange Rate
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