RMB Easy Transfer

Send your love to China whenever you need

  • No transaction fee when sending money via ICBK Online banking and mobile banking.
  • Enjoy ICBK favorable exchange rate.
  • Sending CAD or USD, no foreign exchange settlement needed.
  • Lock your exchange rate for more peace of mind.
  • Enjoy fast arrival of transferred funds.
  • ...

    Lower cost

    Lock exchange rate in advance to avoid fluctuation lost.
    Enjoy more discounts via digital banking.

    Easier process

    Send CAD or USD directly, no need to worry about foreign exchange before sending.

    More straight forward

    Money directly deposit into recipient’s RMB account.
    So recipient does not need to visit local branch for clearing.


    Funds can arrive within 24 hours if the beneficiary bank is within ICBC Bank Group.

    Before using RMB Easy Transfer, make sure

    You have an ICBK account. Or Click here to open an account today.

    You have registered ICBK digital banking. Click here to logon.

    You have beneficiary’s bank information, including swift code/BIC code, address and contact information, etc.

    How to make RMB Easy Transfer

    1. Logon to ICBK online or mobile banking APP, select Money Transfers

    2. Select Sending currency: CAD or USD

    Select Receiving currency: RMB

    Enter Recipient's information

    3. Confirm, submit, and done

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    With "RMB Easy Transfer," you can know the exchange rate at the time of remittance and lock it in advance to avoid exchange rate fluctuations. The recipient can receive a fixed amount of fund. The recipient can receive RMB directly in China without needing to exchange currency again, making it the preferred remittance option for sending money to family and friends in China.

    There are no fees when using the self-service option in the ICBK Mobile Banking or Online Banking. If you use teller services in the branches, service fees will apply. For details please refer to Schedule of Charges.

    ICBC Canada set no limit on the amount of funds that can be remitted, but you must comply with China's foreign exchange control policies, which state that the recipient cannot exceed an annual limit of $50,000 US dollars or an equivalent foreign exchange limit amount.

    You need to open a checking account with our bank, and you can enjoy free remittance services by using online and mobile banking.

    Currently, Canadian and US dollars can be directly remitted without the need for manual currency conversion, and the recipient receives RMB directly.

    The following information is required:

  • Recipient's account number
  • Recipient's address
  • Recipient's phone number
  • Recipient's identification number (Chinese ID card number)
  • Remittance purpose
  • BIC code of the recipient's bank
  • Once the remittance is sent, it cannot be cancelled. If there is any delay or refund due to incorrect information provided, customers will be responsible for the associated costs.

    ICBK has no limit on the number of remittances that can be sent per day, but it cannot exceed the daily maximum limit for fund transferring out according to your account's daily limit.

    You must comply with China's foreign exchange control policies and regulations issued by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

    As the North American RMB clearing bank, "RMB Easy Transfer" uses the exchange rate offered by ICBC Canada based on the daily exchange rate, offering preferential (better than market) exchange rates for foreign currency exchange.

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