Tops the 2021 List of the GYROSCOPE Evaluation System of the China Banking Association

The Industry Development Research Committee of the China Banking Association recently released the results of the GYROSCOPE Evaluation System on the steady development of commercial banks in 2021. With its strengths in corporate governance, equity funding and operation management, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (the Group) took the first place among national commercial banks in the overall evaluation.

Based on the 2020 annual reports released by commercial banks, the GYROSCOPE Evaluation System evaluates the steady development capability of commercial banks from nine dimensions, namely, corporate governance capability, profitability sustainability, risk control capability, operation management capability, service capability, competitive power, system intellectualization capability, personnel competence, and equity funding. So far, the GYROSCOPE Evaluation System has released results for seven years straight. In 2021, the scope of banks participating in the GYROSCOPE Evaluation System was further expanded and their representativeness was further enhanced. The number of banks with effective participation increased to 171. They include 18 national commercial banks (including large state-owned commercial banks and joint-stock commercial banks), 69 city commercial banks, and 84 rural commercial banks.

The results of the GYROSCOPE Evaluation System include "1+9" lists, namely, one main list and nine sub-lists, of which the main list is based on overall evaluation and the nine sub-lists correspond to the nine dimensions. In addition to the overall evaluation list among national commercial banks, the Group also topped the sub-lists by corporate governance, operation management and equity funding.